About Jay Hasbrouck

JC Real Estate’s philosophy on Real Estate transaction:

Through education, understanding, and a general awareness of what choices you have in buying or selling a home, your chances in making the right decisions will be enhanced. JC Real Estate is just the company that can educate you and make your real estate transaction a pleasant one.

Look at your Real Estate transaction as a 100 yard dash with 10 hurdles along the way. Our belief is that you should not go over any hurdle until you feel comfortable with your decision!

If you want: Experience…Knowledge…Someone you can trust to look out for your best interests. Then give JC Real Estate an opportunity to help you make the right choices concerning your home.

Jay Hasbrouck, owner and agent of JC Real Estate has been buying and selling homes since 1978. Jay has built new construction, remodeled homes, developed land, and he has a deep understanding of all facets of the real estate transaction. Jay has bought and sold over 200 foreclosures, and managed over 175 rental properties at one time. He has also developed ranch land, and understands the demands of dealing with counties concerning ag exemption.

When wanting to sell, it’s important to understand the best way to market your home. No one knows your home better than you, but marketing your home, and getting the most money for your home is critical. Some believe they can make more money selling their home themselves. Research proves this isn’t true. Most marketing today is on the internet, JC Real Estate can help you make the right decisions concerning the sale of your home. We utilize all the main marketing avenues available in today’s market.

Please review the comments some of JC Real Estates past clients have made.

My Client thoughts:

I needed some legal information about a real estate transaction and Jay was kind enough to look everything up and call me back with what was necessary. I could not have determined who the principles were without his help. Thanks. T.palClient; Seller

We appreciate all the time Jay spent, not only helping us through the sale of our home, but also in finding and buying a property that suited our needs. He was always available and quick to respond to our questions and concerns. His expertise was priceless helping us through the closing process! Thanks, Jay! You've become more of a family friend than our agent. SherryClient: Buyer

Jay was the first to reply when we was looking for homes. He was willing to set up showing for all the homes that we wanted to look at. I would recommend Jay to anyone I know that is looking to buy a home. He was very well knowledge in all my question. MandyClient: Seller

Jay made our first time selling an easy experience. Jay worked hard at creating an appealing MLS online. We did our part to keep our house organized and clean, so we were always ready for Jay to call and tell us when our next showing was scheduled. We were very impressed and pleased with the housing market comps (comparisons) Jay researched to list our house price at. Jay was quick to catch problems beforehand, and present alternative solutions to keep things on track and progressing. When our house did get a contract Jay kept us informed and updated. He was always willing to answer any question or explain a process. I recommend Jay Hasbrouck, he's a hard worker, easy to contact, and will get the job done! When we were moving to Texas, Jay helped us find our home. And now nine years later he has helped us successfully sell our home. Thanks Jay!! T.F.Client: Buyer

Jay helped us purchase out first house. Jay was very attentive to our needs, responsive to our inquiries and informative. Jay respected our budget and didn't attempt to push us out of our comfort zone. Jay responded very quickly (most often within the hour). Jay helped gather market values of neighbors, quality of schools and disclosures of the home. We're very happy with our purchase and hope Jay hasn't retired by the time it comes for us to buy our second house! T.Brun: Buyer

The first time I searched the trulia site I found several possible homes in multiple locations. I enquired in 7 different areas that had a different representative in each area. Jay was the first to answer. Matter of fact, he answered in less than 20 minutes! I was amazed because he not only gave me the information on the house in his area, he gave me a list of similar houses to view as well. Jay has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the process of finding a suitable home. He has provided all the information asked for and needed to make good decisions. He has investigated the areas involved considering school districts, safety and shopping needs. I am very impressed with the knowledge and teaching ability of the realty market that Jay has. He has helped in a way that is no pressure and informative. I would recommend Jay to anyone. Nettnett: Buyer

I worked with Jay when purchasing my first home. It was a GREAT experience! He was available and very responsive when I needed him. At the time I was traveling so he was very willing to work around my schedule. If I were to purchase another home, Jay would be my go to guy. J.T.Client: Buyer

Jay did a good job getting more concessions out of the seller than I thought would be possible. He was always willing to make time to show me homes, never hesitating in showing me as many homes as it took for me to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about my home purchase. Alw: Buyer

Jay was great to work with. He was honest and gave us the information we needed to make informed decisions throughout the process of buying and selling homes. He took care of our concerns in a timely manner and made the process smooth and positive. I would definitely recommend Jay. R.C.: Real Estate professional

Jay represented the buyers when we sold our home. Even though he didn’t represent us, he still: kept everyone well informed and by keeping things moving in a timely manner. He was always considerate to all when scheduling appointments for inspections, the appraisal, and the closing date and time. He always acted in a very honest and professional manner. He helped lower everyone’s stress level during a period of change. We highly recommend him. C.Segv: Buyer

Jay assisted us in purchasing our home. Upon meeting Jay, it became obvious that Jay was a true professional in the real estate industry. Even after purchasing our home, we have gone back to Jay for advice on anything related to real estate. My wife and I would definitely recommend having Jay assisting anyone in purchasing or selling their next home. Campant: Buyer

My family has worked with Jay for years. He's great and fast. He is always on top of what you’re looking for. Jay never pushed us through the purchasing process. He always helped us even when it might have benefited him more to stay silent. We highly recommend us Jay for your next home purchase, or when selling your current home. S.Lkad: Buyer

I've been looking for a horse property for over five years, and over the years have engaged different agents to assist me. Until I met Jay, the agents really only understood home selling (not acreage), and never researched properties beyond doing a web search, which I can do myself! Jay has really worked to understand the requirements and limitations of the cities for including horses on different properties. He has provided clarity beyond other agents and has provided more information than any other agent I've engaged. It is a pleasure to work with Jay. I was honestly close to giving up on my dream house, and now I'm clear that it is possible for me and my family. L. B: Real Estate Professional

I have found in our real estate transactions that Jay is a very dedicated individual, devoted, and he is an honest real estate agent. He truly cares about his clients and obtaining the best information for them while working on all their real estate needs. N.Ndj.: Buyer

Jay was invaluable helping us buy our home. He listened, advised us and negotiated a great deal for us. He left room for us to ask questions and ensure that our concerns were not only heard but considered during the purchase of the home. Through the process of purchasing the home, I never doubted that he was acting in our best interest and was committed to getting us the best possible deal. I truly appreciated his direct and honest approach to real estate. Jay is a pleasure to do business with. R.amp: Real Estate Professional

We are an Electrical Contractor. Working with Jay is easy and direct. He seems to find a way to please the buyer and seller which is not an easy task now days. Working with Jay is a pleasure. He is very dedicated to his field and knows how to make things happen. We look forward to many more years of working with him. S. Lyd: Buyer

Working with Jay was a good experience. We were moving from Iowa to DFW, barely knew what we wanted, and had zero knowledge of neighborhoods, traffic, etc. - all the stuff that comes with a particular choice. Jay was extremely patient and had a wealth of knowledge accumulated over the last 36 years of real estate in DFW. He helped us navigate a tough situation. R.D.: Renter

Jay helped us find a home that we could afford. He worked the arrangements so we have the option to buy the home as well. He was great, helped us with all our needs. He manages the property and is great with all our questions, and if something breaks -- it is fixed right away. He is honest, fair and dependable. I highly recommend Jay to anyone that is looking for a home. He is a class act, and he will not let you down. He listens to your needs, and gets to work immediately to find what you want. I couldn't have found a better person to get the job done. We were blessed to have found Jay! M.Rdsn: Buyer

Jay is the consummate professional, very knowledgeable and honest. His advice was flawless and the results he produced were the best I have ever experienced in 35 years of various real estate deals. C.Nihls: Buyer

Jay is a dedicated and honest agent. He won't let you make a mistake. Jay will not let you buy something you don't really want. My father purchased a home through Jay and a year later I did as well. I recommend him to all my friends and family. J.Eman: Seller

Jay did an excellent job getting our house sold, and his experience and advice got us top dollar. He is currently assisting us in the search for our next home and we feel truly blessed to have an agent so patient and who cares about us finding the right place for our family. He has gone above and beyond our expectations and we recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. J.Kncd: Buyer

Jay and his daughter Ashley were extremely patient and helpful throughout our home buying process. We had a lot of questions and wanted to see a lot of different options. Most agents would not have spent as much time with us. Jay found us the perfect house and got us a great deal on it. His negotiating skills kept us out of a bidding war and got the seller to pay most of our closing costs and throw in a new dishwasher. I highly recommend Jay as your agent. 


I would appreciate the opportunity of helping you buy or sell your home, please contact me.